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Why Must You Choose Laser Teeth Whitening in Adelaide?

Losing your smile’s natural white sheen is quite normal. That is why laser teeth whitening in Adelaide is not only very useful but even very healthy.

Stained teeth are caused by because most of the drinks and meals we take tend to damage both shine and enamel; something that can easily be reverted through teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening is an advanced method very common for dental specialists all over the world. This procedure can decrease the yellowish tinge from three to eight tones depending on the method and materials utilised by your dentist.

Laser teeth whitening in Adelaide is a trusted solution, for patients wanting white teeth quickly. It is very useful for people who take medications high in iron, smoke; and for those who drink tea, coffee and red wine on a regular basis. In most cases, all it requires is just one visit to the dentist that usually lasts for one or two hours, to get sparkling, bright teeth that is eight, ten or even twelve shades brighter.

Laser teeth whitening in Adelaide is a very effectual choice that works a lot better and much quicker than the alternative home solutions that utilise trays and strips. The laser teeth whitening procedure uses a special gel that is put on the teeth, and a laser light that speeds up the oxidation of the whitening gel, resulting in a quick and noticeable difference, that may last for a year or even longer. Even veneers and old crowns can be made really white utilising this latest technology.

Laser teeth whitening in Adelaide is best for teeth that are partially stained because of many factors. Few of the factors include:

• Teeth aging

• Stains due to an inadequate diet

• Stains due to improper hygiene

Teeth whitening should not be performed in laser clinics in Adelaide on people with the following conditions:

• Wore out teeth and teeth cavities

• Enamel defects or fissures

• Periodontal disease with no treatment

• Inadequate oral hygiene

• Allergies to the substance used in the procedure

• Teeth sensitivity

• Heart diseases or diabetes

• Lactating women and pregnant women with underage kids.

How is laser teeth whitening in Adelaide performed?

Laser teeth whitening is actually an obsolete term that refers to a clinical teeth whitening procedure, in which a bleaching gel is put on the teeth after which an LED light, specially designed to speed up or improve the bleaching effect of the gel is aimed at the teeth. Like skin treatments in Adelaide, laser teeth whitening can be conducted in one hour or less. It is not the toughest kind of teeth whitening there is, but it is a good, cheap way to start whitening your teeth. Generally, people are happy with the results of laser teeth whitening in Adelaide, but results differ from no results to up to fourteen shades brighter. The best results are obtained with three consecutive applications of the whitening gel and the light. Even though several dentists do conduct laser teeth whitening, it does not have to be performed by a dentist.

Many beauty and salon professionals now offer laser teeth whitening procedures, along with the other cosmetic treatments they offer. Professional, or laser teeth whitening is also proffered in kiosks in malls. Laser teeth whitening in Adelaide consist of many brands that provide whitening products to the beauty industry and also supply to the professional teeth whitening clinics.

The Laser Teeth Whitening Process

A dentist might prepare the teeth and put the whitening gels on the teeth during the process. The customer is seated, and the colour of their teeth is measured using a teeth shade guide. A cheek retractor is put inside the mouth, to help to keep the teeth exposed and the teeth and gums are prepared for the teeth whitening gel. The whitening gel is put on the teeth, and the LED accelerator light is placed in front of the teeth, for laser teeth whitening in Adelaide. After fifteen to twenty minutes, the customer rinses their mouth, and the whole procedure is repeated twice, for a total of three applications or treatments.

The final shade of your teeth is matched with the shade guide, and the customer is given with after-care in guidelines. They also recommend that a remineralizing gel is put on the teeth. The whitening effect from laser teeth whitening can last from six months to two years, depending on several factors, like oral hygiene and dietary habits. It is suggested that the treatment is done again at regular time gaps with a minimum frequency of six months.

Advantages of laser teeth whitening

• Laser teeth whitening in Adelaide in just a single session

• Treats infections by acting as an antiseptic

• Facilitates wound healing

Disadvantages of teeth whitening

• The procedures durability has a short-term lifespan when the patient does not take good care of the required post-treatment hygiene.

• Unhealthy teeth can be really sensitive after treatment.

• Not every patient is eligible for this procedure. It depends greatly on the patient’s health. It is very likely that some special cases may require a treatment before starting laser teeth whitening.

It is essential to note that laser teeth whitening in Adelaide should only be considered a suitable option for people with healthy and teeth and strong gums. People with really sensitive teeth and gums must not undergo the treatment as the laser is not always confined to the teeth only; the laser can also affect the gums, leading to an increase in sensitivity and also ulcerations in the inner cheeks and on the gums.

It usually takes up to seventy-two hours for teeth to go back to their normal condition, post the laser teeth whitening treatment is performed. In the meantime, teeth and gums are generally extra sensitive to hot and cold as the powerful whitening agents utilized during the laser teeth whitening in Adelaide weaken the enamel.

Post-treatment suggestions

In order to have a long post-treatment effect, the patient should follow each step in the post-whitening care routine, in order to elongate the shiny white tone. If you’re getting a laser teeth whitening procedure done, follow these suggestions:

• Avoid food that has a lot of colourants or chemicals

• Avoid drinks with a high amount of sugar or dark colours like wine, coffee, tea, juices, alcoholic drinks and infusions.

• No smoking

• Take good care of your dental hygiene, wash your teeth well after each meal, floss and use a mouthwash free of artificial colourants.