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Tattoo Removal

There can be many reasons why people want their tattoos removed, and it is now possible to remove them safely with laser.

Surveys have shown that as many as 25% of adults aged 18 to 30 have tattoos. Up to 50% become dissatisfied with their tattoos and wish to have them removed or improved.

It may be that a tattoo you had done when you were younger is now out of place or inappropriate.

Tattoos can also be modified or faded sufficiently so that a new tattoo can be done over the top of the old one.

The Technology

Q-Switched lasers are special lasers that allow very high powered laser light to be delivered to the skin over a fraction of a second. This minimises any heat damage to the surrounding skin and hence any chance of scarring is very low.

How does the Laser work?

The laser light is attracted to the coloured pigment in the ink and it breaks this pigment down into tiny particles which are then eliminated through the body’s own natural waste system.

White tattoos reflect laser light and therefore do not respond to laser treatment.

How many treatments are necessary?

It is impossible to accurately predict the number of treatments necessary as it depends on the amount of ink used and how deep the ink was inserted. However as a guide most professional tattoos will require at least six to twelve treatments.

Follow up treatments are conducted at no less than 6-8 week intervals. Further fading can occur for several months after each treatment.

In general

Black is the easiest colour to remove but some colours can be more resistant.
A series of treatments are required.
It is possible to remove or significantly lighten tattoos but it is not always possible to totally remove a tattoo.

With modern laser technology the risk of scarring is very low, however, it is not zero and aftercare is important.
Anaesthetic creams can be used to numb the skin prior to laser treatment if required.

ALL treatments are performed by a fully-qualified and experienced laser therapist.

What are the costs likely to be?

This will be discussed at the initial consultation. Treatment costs will vary depending on the size, colour and complexity of the tattoo.

Before and After Photos

Sequence of 5 treatments using the Spectrum QS Nd YAG